How you can hire through LEIPZIG LEIH!

Hire costs

The lease prices written alongside each item are valid for a minimum period of 3 days. Customers are required to collect the materials and to return them only after they have been cleaned.

All prices are including value added tax (VAT).

Collection & Delivery Service

For a one-off payment we can deliver the material to your door and collect it at any time of day or night.

For orders over 250,- Euro (incl. VAT) we will deliver straight to your door for free, otherwise we require a 29,75 Euro (incl. VAT) payment for delivery.

Prices for delivery outside of Leipzig can be given on request.

Hire Period

Should the initial hire period of 3 days pass, the hire period is automatically extended 30% of a hire period for every day the material is overdue.


If glasses, china or cutlery are returned without having been cleaned, the hire price per item will be increased to include a cleaning charge of 0,10 Euro incl. VAT.

Loss, Breakage and Damage

Hired item remain the property of »LEIPZIG LEIH!« The customer is responsible for these items upon receipt and until they are returned. Missing or damaged items will be invoiced at the same cost as a replacement or repair. We can give you details of the cost of replacement items.

Conditions of Payment

Upon receipt of the hired items, the lease price, and where applicable the cleaning and delivery costs, are to be payed cash.


With larger orders, we will allow you a discount on the price. If you place an order totalling 600.00 € incl. VAT, we will give you a discount amounting to 5%. If you place an order totalling 1200.00 € incl. VAT, the discount will be 10%.

Last updated on July 2010