10 Tips for Preparing for your Next Party,
so that your guests and you can enjoy a good
party without any unnecessary problems.
1. Invitations:

2. Stress:

3. Flowers:

4. Kids:

5. Food:

6. Drinks:

7. Ice:

8. Music:

9. Taxi:

10. Rubbish:
Send details of how to get to the party if your guests are coming for the first time and donít know their way around your town.

Tell your neighbours about the party beforehand - or better still, invite them too. After all, whoeverís at the party has got no reason to complain...

Make sure you are well supplied with vases or at least something to put flowers in if youíre expecting a lot. Otherwise, each time another guest arrives with flowers...

If children are coming make sure they have plenty to do and arrange for a ìKidsí Buffetî.

If you donít want to do the catering yourself: Ask your guests to bring something with them (agree on something beforehand, or thereíll be five pasta salads), hire a party service or ask at your favourite Italian restaurant whether they could whip something up - and you can get the tableware from us.

At smaller wine merchants and also in off-licences you can take goods on commission and can return whatever was not used at a later date.

If you want to mix cocktails then youíre going to need a lot of crushed ice. You can either prepare this in the freezer compartment in your fridge or if necessary a burger bar can usually dig out a few kilos (as long as you top up their tip jar).

A good DJ will create the right atmosphere for dancing. If you would prefer to play the music yourself, ask your guests to bring some CDs with them in case your music collection is too small.

A good host ensures that their guests get home safely: For guests who are no longer safe to drive, order a taxi with two drivers. The second driver can drive your guestís car to their house - and your guest gets to keep his driving licence...

Avoid creating rubbish by using returnable and hire items: ìPorcelain instead of plasticî. Make sure youíve got refuse sacks for whatever rubbish is created, but please separate your rubbish - for the sake of the environment!
We wish you and your guests a good celebration.